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Lifebook Tips Course

Putting together a child's history on paper is life-changing for them. Are you up for the lifebook challenge?

Lifebook Tips & Newsletter: Receive your first lesson in seconds!

To begin: I'll send you 4 lifebook lessons for creating lifebooks, one every few days. These will give you the jumpstart you need.

Then: Monthly Issues Packed with Information for Parents and Social Workers

"Your tips and ideas are easy to manage. I get great ideas for helping children and youth integrate their life story and understand the reasons they are in care or adopted."

~ Kim Behrenz, Permanency Planning & Adoption Social Worker

"I started reading your newsletter to get tips on how to do my children's lifebooks years ago. Now I read your words even more for the nuggets of insight/information/wisdom that you always seem to have!"

~ Lynn Mezyk, Pittsburgh, PA

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