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Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child

Lifebooks: Creating A Treasure for the Adopted Child
Now in its 6th printing!

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• Easy & quick to read
• Lots of Examples
• Excellent for adopted and foster children
• Each lifebook guide gives you 3 full-length examples: international, domestic, and foster care.

What others say ...

"I love your book. This is a project I've been planning for years, but couldn't find the words. I feel like you held my hand as I set off on this new adventure."
~ Izzy Hillock

"Creating my son's lifebook has been so rewarding. We just always wanted our son to know, at an age-appropriate level, what his story is. I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I completed his book!"
~ Lisa Schwarz

Read how parents successfully completed their lifebooks!

Because every adopted child needs to know their story.

Adoptees can end up with a floating or numb sensation when they have no understanding of their past history or roots. I should know. I spent my first five months in foster care before getting adopted. I listened carefully to the silence that was to follow for most of my childhood regarding adoption.

“Who am I?" and "How am I a part of this family?" were the questions I never found words for. Adoptees so often have that sense of missing pieces. Learn more about how lifebooks help adoptees.

As an adult, my social work career landed in adoption 30 years ago. I learned how to make lifebooks for children and teens in foster care. My growing-up-adopted experience coupled with my professional adoption wisdom resulted in the creation of this easy-to-read, all-encompassing lifebook guide in 2001. It's now in its 6th printing!

Lifebooks: Creating A Treasure for the Adopted Child is the original book on lifebooks. Defining your child's past in a way they can understand and feel good about is absolutely vital. This bestseller delivers specific tips, insights and ideas about adoption, relating to your adopted child and creating a lifebook that's sure to be a masterpiece!

What's in the Book

In my now-bestselling Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child, I guide you step by step, page by page, as if I'm right there with you. I even include light touches of my humor along the way.

In this classic adoption lifebook guide, you'll find specific answers to most of the questions you have, including:

This easy-to-read guide is filled with sample wording explaining many difficult topics. It contains help for toddlers as well as teens. Three pages address domestic/infant adoptions, foster adoption, and international adoptions.

Gain Confidence to Discuss Adoption

Gaining the confidence to discuss your child's adoption with them is just one of the extra benefits you’ll get simply by reading this book. Going through the lifebook process prepares you to talk about delicate subjects as well as adoption basics. But best of all, in the end, your child has a unique book that captrues their often-complicated life story.

With all the examples, resources and guidance you'll get in this book, you'll quickly become inspired to create this treasure for your child!

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